wait okay I was with you up ‘til “santo subito” but I have no idea what an ultramontanist is. I bet they opened for Arcade Fire in 2005, though.

"saint immediately" it’s the people who are all falling over JPII and venerating his blood-stained t-shirts and who think that every word of every encyclical and letter is 100% binding because A Pope Said So. (usually with an exception for all that ~socialist~ stuff Francis said, etc.)

In reality, a pope can’t be infallible without the Church having said it first. Including the people. Popes say a lot of interesting things, but the idea that we are to replace our consciences with the conscience of each pontiff is absurd.


Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’

This was my first time seeing this variety in person and it’s better than I’d ever expected.

I will not look at spoilers. I will not look at spoilers. I WILL NOT LOOK AT any more SPOILERS.

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Helen Hyde
Baby Talk

Questionnpr(.)org/2014/04/13/302019921/statue-of-a-homeless-jesus-startles-a-wealthy-community Sorry if you've seen this before, but it made me think of you. Answer


The article is kind of OTT though:

"That’s right. Somebody called the cops on Jesus."

Nah, women have every right to be worried about encountering a strange man in an unexpected place. Poor women, working class women who are forced into proximity with unstable vagrant men on public transit and in the workplace, may be even more wary than a rich lady. And it wasn’t Jesus, it was a creepy statue. While I am sympathetic to their point, shock-the-normals art is inherently a bourgeois pursuit, so I am a little bit annoyed every time I hear this story, too. Like:

"It gives authenticity to our church," he says. "This is a relatively affluent church, to be honest, and we need to be reminded ourselves that our faith expresses itself in active concern for the marginalized of society."

Authenticity. Like real singing bowls from Tibet.

Yet, there will never be humble self-examination about why they choose—and it is a choice—to isolate themselves in a community of affluence. Maybe—MAYBE—they will consider ways to attempt to draw poor folks to them. But they will never even consider why they are walled off from the majority of working blue collar folks, let alone poor people, ever.

A statue is very, very safe. (And expensive, and thus prestigious.)

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1. I try not to, if I can avoid it.

2. I’m sure you’d rather not know…

3. Wait, did they open for Arcade Fire in 2004? If so, they were not memorable.

4. It’s overrated and hyperextended.

5. It’s really worth considering how and when the concept was boiled down and set into stone, in the mid-19th century. And why.

6. The way it is currently understood, especially by the santo subito type ultramontanists, is perhaps the biggest obstacle to both unity between East and West and within the West. ~problematic~

7. This is a trap, isn’t it?

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I like to watch birds but I don’t think my devotion to it rises to the level of a compound word. My mother is the expert there, as with most outdoors topics. Though hey I did get a free hummingbird feeder to review today, so that will be nice. We had some hummingbirds last year, but the butterfly bush died in the hard freeze this winter.

My favorite hobby is the internet.